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Q&A Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Jimmy Akin answers:

If God provides grace to have faith, could he ever remove that grace so we couldn’t have faith?

Do you know the name of the patron saint for people who have addictions?

Can you explain the Gnostic heresy, when it began, and the effect it had on early Christianity?

Why doesn’t the Church address the fact that the Book of Mormon is a heretical work of fiction?

Why does the Cardinal designation go between the first and last name?

Can I have faith and lose my salvation?

What is the Church’s stance on old earth, new earth, and evolution?

If you are in mortal sin and want to go to confession, but die first, can you still get into heaven?

What is the spiritual gift of tears?

Why does suffering have to be the way of the cross? Why couldn’t God just eliminate evil and reward the good people?

How do Protestants and Catholics differ in their use of the word “devotion”?

Are there any circumstances under which it is okay to consult psychics?

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