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Q&A Open Forum

Tim Staples answers:

How did the New American Bible translation of Genesis 1:2 — “a strong wind” — come about?

Does a defense for transubstantiation necessitate an ad hoc suspension of the normative ontology that guides any other assessment of what a thing is?

How or why is the will fixed at death?

Does it matter which Bible version or which Bible study we read?

How does a priest end up becoming a pope? Who were the anti-popes?

In the Mass, when we say “my fault, my fault…” and “only say the word…,” can we label this as a reenactment of Scripture?

Regarding the HHS mandate, how do I explain the difference between fungibility and material cooperation?

What is the Church’s teaching on cremation?

How do I talk to a Protestant pastor who claims that the Hail Mary and Mary’s sinlessness are not in the Bible, and therefore, negate the word of God?

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