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Q&A Open Forum

Jimmy Akin answers:

Daniel 6 and Daniel 14 both talk about the lion’s den — what is the difference between the two chapters, and why don’t Protestants have the 14th chapter of Daniel?

Is it necessary that I watch The Passion of the Christ?

Do Catholics believe that animals have an afterlife? How does work in with evolution?

Regarding the Mormon doctrine of the plan of salvation, are we allowed to argue that Mormonism is the most polytheistic religion?

What is your response to the traditionalist and sedevacantist claim that, if the majority of Catholicism goes away, it doesn’t mean that the gates of hell have prevailed over the Church?

In Matthew 16, is Christ referring to Peter himself or to Peter’s confession of faith?

Someone I know married a divorced man, and since then his ex-wife passed away — can they now get their marriage blessed?

Is it wrong for an RCIA teacher to instruct the candidates to raise their hands during the Our Father at Mass?

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