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Q&A Open Forum

Tim Staples answers:

Can a priest reveal something that was said in confession if he is ordered by law?

How do I answer the argument that the Catholic Church is not the root of Christianity?

My sister became a Mormon and my cousin became a Jehovah’s Witness – what can I do to bring them back to the Catholic faith?

Is there any validity to the statement that, because Jesus was stripped of his garments, the cloth we see him wearing is Mary’s veil?

Is it true that there was no sacrament of confession in the time of Constantine?

The fictional book Pierced by the Sword, says that, whenever there is an anti-pope, there is a real pope — is this true?

How do you reconcile the risk-benefit calculation in voting with the idea that not voting for a pro-choice candidate is non-negotiable?

Can you expand on the idea that, when you die, you are in your full capacity to be in communion with God for eternity?

Why can’t people with gluten allergies take Communion? If it’s Jesus, shouldn’t it be free of gluten?

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