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Q&A Open Forum

Jimmy Akin answers:

What documents can I use to show a priest that the practice of confessing your mortal sins in number is obligatory?

Is there any danger in electing a Mormon to office?

How do I explain to an atheist that the universe could not have come into existence without God, but also that God did not need a creator?

How can we inform and convince the elite media that the Catholic Church is not “waging a war on women”?

Have you found any statistics about Catholic converts who don’t continue to go to Mass regularly?

To which saints should I pray when I have personal issues or concerns? 

Is it true that members of the Syrian Church of the East don’t need to have a First Communion because they receive it with baptism?

Why is it a mortal sin to not go to Church on Sunday? Is still a mortal sin, if you want to go but are unable to go?

Do we know where St. Joseph, the husband of Mary, is buried?

How do I explain the cultures that existed at the time of Noah to people who claim that the population and timeline don’t add up?

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