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Q&A Open Forum

Tim Staples answers:

If an older person wishes to be baptized, do they have to go through the ritual or can they baptize themselves by accepting Jesus?

A kid at my school does magic tricks — when does this cross into sin? Is it wrong for him to do a levitation trick?

Have there been any popes who resigned besides Pope Celestine V?

Why don’t some people drink from the cup at Communion?

Why would my Catholic Times newspaper say that Catholic Charities receives 64% of their funding from the government?

Some people argue that the description of the king of Tyre in Ezekiel 28 is metaphorically a description of Lucifer — is this an accurate interpretation?

Why can Gregorian masses and indulgences only be applied to a person after they die?

Do prayers said for a person during their lifetime only help them while they are alive?

If magic and conjuring with the dead is expressly prohibited in the Old Testament, why do we have Christian magicians?

I have a book that lists attending a Protestant church service, owning a Protestant Bible, and sending your children to a non-Catholic school as mortal sins — is this true?

When did the practice of Lenten fasting begin?

What were the first two letters that Paul wrote?

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