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Q&A Open Forum

Jim Blackburn answers:

How can one recognize if a bishop is preaching heresy?

Can a marriage be made valid through conversion of heart, or must I take the specific steps within the Church?

What could be done to join together like-minded Christians in order to defeat the HHS Mandate?

I had a miscarried sister a few years ago – where did her soul go when she passed away?

In John 6, why didn’t Christ correct the people who did not understand what he was talking about?

Do I need an annulment if I’ve been married twice outside of the Catholic Church and want to join the Church now?

Would my marriage still be sacramental if we were both baptized Catholic, married, separated, and then got back together?

My Baptist friend believes that you can go to heaven as long as you are saved (even if you commit murder) – how can I refute this?

Why do people seem to think that Protestants are the enemy of Christ? Doesn’t Mark 9:38 refute this when Jesus speaks of the man performing an exorcism?

If two Catholics were married in a Protestant church, then came back to the Catholic Church, is their marriage sacramental?

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