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Q&A Open Forum

Fr. John Trigilio answers:

It is my understanding that, since the Council of Chalcedon, the Church has been against inter-faith marriages — where can I read more about this?

In 1 Kings, God tells the prophet that a lion would eat his friend — what was the friend’s offense?

At Sunday Mass, they ran out of consecrated host — what should be done in this situation?

What about the new health care mandate is so different that it suddenly makes people stand up and speak out against contraception? What does it mean to us as Catholics?

How do we know if a person is possessed?

At what time do we experience the Beatific Vision?

My sister-in-law is co-habitating with her boyfriend — is this a mortal sin? If so, should I tell her to stop going to Communion?

What did Our Lady mean at Fatima when she said that we would experience an era of peace?

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