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Q&A Open Forum (Part II)

Tim Staples answers:

How can we, as a group of Christians, stand up and fight against the forcing of companies to pay for contraception?

If the HHS mandate sticks, what will be the Church’s stance on what Catholic employers should be providing for their employees?

At what point in our RCIA program is it appropriate to teach about the sin of contraception?

Do you think that the USCCB has the public relations capability to really fight the HHS mandate?

Can you explain Matthew 19:12?

Our Archbishop said that Catholic Churches of Alabama cannot and will not abide by these rules — what will this mean for my Catholic high school?

How does God grant exceptions for people who have not received baptism or the Eucharist to enter heaven without denying his justice?

How can I convert to Catholicism if I can’t make it to the RCIA classes because of my work schedule?

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