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Mother Miriam answers:

How do we explain that our loving God could give the kind of punishment that he gave in the first reading today?

I’m dating a girl who says she’s Catholic but doesn’t go to Mass and is very negative about the Church — should I continue the relationship?

Is it appropriate for some priests to add extra prayers to the liturgy?

I fear that my daughter is leading her teenage daughters away from the Church — how much can I say to help this situation?

Why don’t Jews accept Jesus as the Messiah?

Is physical desire part of the knowing that you are in love with someone?

What book about should I give my niece who is getting married?

Did the Jews ask for Jesus’ crucifixion, or was it the Romans?

My parents undermine the teaching of the Church, which is especially difficult as I raise my children — what should I do?

Is it appropriate for the priest to have one side of the church say part of the Responsorial Psalm and the other side of the church say another?

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