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The Chaplain Is In

Fr. Vincent Serpa answers:

How is correcting people and getting them to all adopt the same way of thinking not cult-like?

Is it okay for a Catholic to be cremated and have his ashes scattered over the ocean?

Are we being selfish when we pray prayers of petition?

The new Mass changes upset me because, when I was growing up, I was proud to say that the Mass used the original words of the Apostles — were we saying the same words as the early Church or were we getting it wrong before?

I want to make sure I use the right terminology when I’m talking to my non-Catholic brothers and sisters — should I use Protestant to refer to all non-Catholic Christians?

What stance is the Church going to take for protecting illegal immigrants and their children?

My daughter is engaged to a man who has never been baptized — can she marry him in the Church?

Since my diocese is considering increasing the confirmation age limit, will they also consider increasing the First Communion age limit?

How do I best explain transubstantiation to my confirmation students?

What do you suggest for getting started in Lectio Divina?

How can saints hear prayers from multiple people at the same time and prayers that are not said out loud?

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