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Q&A Open Forum

Fr. John Trigilio answers:

If we, as Catholic, are New Testament people, why do we have Old Testament readings in the liturgy of the word?

Are drums allowed in the Mass?

Is the Byzantine Catholic Church more like the Eastern Orthodox Church or the Roman Catholic Church when it comes to defining dogma?

Do you have to be part of the Roman Catholic Church to be saved?

Are Catholics obligated to attend the parish that is geographically closest to them?

What is the best response to someone who says that the Church can preach against abortion, but it’s still up to people to choose?

If I know of something that would possibly bar me from the permanent diaconate, should I discuss it with a priest now or address it during the formation process?

What is a good resource that will help me explain purgatory to those who are young in the faith (in a way that is not scary)?

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