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Q&A Open Forum

Jim Blackburn answers:

Wasn’t there a time in the Middle Ages when the Church was opposed to scientists?

What is the theology behind water baptism as a requirement for salvation?

Was the idea that women don’t have souls a misinterpretation of the words of St. Thomas Aquinas?

Where does secularism come from?

What can we do to refute the media’s portrayal of the Vatican as corrupt (such as claiming that the popes were involved in covering up sex-abuse scandals)?

Why did God promise to not wipe out the world after Noah, when Noah and his family started out with original sin and Adam and Eve did not?

What are your thoughts on the idea that John Wesley didn’t really want to break away from the Catholic Church?

What is the Catholic teaching on using the terms “gosh” and “heck”?

Is having pride in your denomination the same as the sin of pride?

In the Bible, Jesus says no one is righteous — how then, is Mary righteous? When Revelation says no one is worthy, why isn’t Mary mentioned as an exception if she is indeed worthy?

A protestant friend claims that John 14:15 actually says “you will obey what I command” instead of “you will obey my commandments” — how then do I convince him that we need to follow the commandments?

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