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Q&A Open Forum

Fr. Paul Keller answers: 

How can I explain why unmarried couples shouldn’t live together?

How can the people on earth make sacrifices and say prayers for those in purgatory?  

Should we no longer attempt to convert those who are Jewish because they have a special type of covenant with God?

What do we believe is literal in Genesis?

Why was the word “roof” added into the liturgy? 

How many chances should you give a family member who constantly hurts you before giving up on them?  Is this mentioned in Scripture?

I fell away from the church for about 6 years, but am now growing closer to my faith because my mother is ill – how do I deal with the guilt I feel because I only reached out to God when I needed something?

Is there a way that we can bridge any of the liturgy into our children’s catechesis?

What role does Mary play in the intervention between death and salvation?

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