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Mother Miriam answers: 

Is there a difference between the Jewish second commandment and the Christian second commandment?

Why didn’t God let Moses into the Promised Land?

Is it not okay to talk in adoration?

I have pancreatitis, and the pain is always terrible when I’m at Mass — can you offer some spiritual guidance?

Can you expand on the idea that most Jewish conversions happen through mystical means rather than intellectual means?

Why do we eat pork, when Deuteronomy says that we are not supposed to?

Who were the Jews in the first century?

Is it true that illness and affliction are punishment for grave sin

How do I talk to my Jewish mother about my conversion?

What is self-mortification? Do you think it’s often portrayed wrongly in the media?

Have you read Dr. Michael Brown’s Our Hands Are Stained with Blood? Is persecuting the Jews over the centuries something that Christians need to apologize for?

In what regard do the Jewish people hold Pope John XXIII?

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