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Q&A Open Forum

Tim Staples answers:

What does Christ mean when he says “whatever you retain will be retained”?

Do you accept the documentary theory of the Pentateuch?

What happens to your guardian angel when you die?

What are your thoughts on the message, “I love Jesus, but hate religion”? 

A Jehovah’s Witness told me that Jesus Christ is Michael the Archangel — how do I answer him?

How do I help my husband accept the fact that my daughter is marrying a Protestant?

A lot my Protestant friends are asking if I believe that you have to be Catholic to go to heaven — am I right to answer them with John 3:16 and John 6?

A Protestant friend thinks that the solution to the splits in Christianity is sola scriptura — what is the best response to this?

As someone who is away from home a lot, how do I become a better Catholic and encourage my wife and family to be good Catholics?

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