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Q&A Open Forum

Karl Keating answers:

Do you think we as Christians do ourselves any favors by talking about six-day creation and resisting science when talking to non-believers?

My Catholic friend wants to marry someone in the Orthodox Church — would this be considered a sin on her part?

Can you refer me to some literature that will explain Catholic indulgences?

How can archangels be saints at the same time?

Does the Catholic Church have a position on Creationism vs. Theistic evolution, or does it remain neutral?

In C.S. Lewis’s Problem of Pain, he describes humans as primitives with grace — would the Church accept this?

Can you give me any information about the Catholic group, The Shepherds of Christ?

Are sins against the Holy Spirit, according to the 1962 Missal for the Traditional Latin Mass, the same thing as blaspheming the Holy Spirit? If so, aren’t a lot of people guilty of this?

What is the relevance of 1 Cor 11:6 now? Why is it in scripture if we don’t practice it?

What happens to my child when I have a miscarriage? Will I ever see my children again?

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