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Q&A Open Forum

Colin Donovan answers:

Where did the name “Christian” come from?

When the choir sings the Sanctus, the Memorial Acclamation, and the Our Father at Mass, they repeat certain phrases — is this acceptable?

My wife is physically disabled, and we cannot have sexual relations any more — is masturbation sinful in this situation?

Why isn’t fish considered to be a meat?

Which saints are helpful in overcoming addictions, specifically sexual addictions? 

What resources do you recommend to help with addictions?

How do I answer my non-Catholic in-laws who asked, “Why would Catholics pray to saints, when saints are dead and stuck in a waiting place until the Second Coming”?

Can you comment on the idea that all people are saved?

How close can a person pray near the tabernacle?

Why was the word “Yahweh” removed from liturgical music?

If the Lord wants to draw people to the fullness of truth, why have there been miracles in other faiths?

My 22-year-old nephew says that he loves Jesus but hates religion — how do I talk to him about this?

Do we lose our free will after this life?

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