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The Chaplain Is In

Fr. Vincent Serpa answers:

Are the Church Fathers’ teachings consistent?

How do I deal with the fact that my ex-husband readily goes to Mass with his new wife, when he would never go with me?

Why did Protestants take certain books out of the Bible?

Who were the successors to the other apostles besides Peter?

How would you explain God’s mercy and why he allows bad things to happen?

I’ve returned to the Catholic faith, but my wife is not supportive– what advice do you have for dealing with this strain on my marriage?

What is grace, how do I get it, and who gives it to me?

When I say a Chaplet of Divine Mercy, how many intentions can I include?

As a Catholic, am I required to attend confession once a year?

Twenty years ago I was sexually abused by a priest, and he is still in ministry in our diocese — are there any other steps for me to take at this point?

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