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Q&A Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Jimmy Akin answers:

Does the crucifix need to be on the altar itself or can it be next to or behind it?

Are there any restrictions on how often you can receive Communion per day?  

Does our soul age and mature with us, particularly in heaven?

Why is Mary a diminished figure in Protestantism?  

Did God wait for Mary to say “yes” to giving birth to Jesus?

How can I approach my boss who gave me some Lorraine Boettner books to read and expects me to read them?

What happens to the effects of original sin after baptism?  

How do I talk to my Protestant friend about the Eucharist?

If you pray to St. Anthony for help, is that kind of like asking the dead for secret information?

Is Islam an evil religion as a whole, or are only certain parts evil?

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