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Q&A Open Forum

Karl Keating answers:

During Communion I do not have time to consume the entire body of Christ before I drink from the cup — is this wrong?

When I visit with a homebound priest who says Mass, I don’t believe he is using the new translation — what should I do?

Did God create alien life?

How should Roman Catholics act at a Byzantine church (or other Eastern Rite church)? Should they follow our traditions or should we just allow them to follow what their Rite dictates?

I am getting married – is it possible to request that a part of the old Mass be said at my wedding? 

I recently went to a Mass that felt like a Protestant service, because the priest did not follow the order of the Mass and omitted certain parts — what would be the appropriate course of action in this situation?

Is it a sin to disown your brother if he wronged your parents?

Does the Catholic Church have an official teaching on political issues and voting?

In regard to Luke 1:28 — why would the new translation of the Roman Missal keep the phrase “highly favored”?

Why does Gabriel strike Zechariah dumb when Zechariah doubts that Elizabeth is pregnant, but doesn’t do this when Mary questions him?

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