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The Chaplain Is In

Fr. Vincent Serpa answers:

Where did John the Baptist get his authority to baptize?

In Mark 13:30-38 Jesus says “only the Father knows the day and the hour”. Why doesn’t Jesus know, since he is one with the Father?

What level of religious belief is a Catholic obligated to have?

Does the Catholic Church feel that certain sacraments are required for salvation?

Why haven’t they rebuilt the temple in Jerusalem that was destroyed?

My daughter goes to Mass twice a day and adoration every other day, and the priest told her to stop doing that — what is your advice?

When non-Christians have their children baptized in the Catholic Church (because their spouses are Catholic) should they recite the vows?

How did the Sabbath change from Saturday to Sunday?

Will the Catholic Church recognize the marriage of two baptized Catholics who get married in a Protestant church?

What happens in a situation when someone dies without having the opportunity to be baptized?

What is the Church’s teaching on novenas?

I’ve been dealing with grief because I took 40 years to return to the Catholic Church. Can you offer some advice?

Do you have any resources on Catholic Humanism?

My priest brings up my previous confessions in confession — how do I manage this?

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