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Q&A Open Forum

Tim Staples

Tim Staples answers:

How do works play a role in your salvation if grace is a free gift?

How do I answer a Jehovah’s Witness who uses Col 1:15 to argue that Jesus is the firstborn of all creation?

Why don’t we hear from the pulpits about the dunamis power of God and the gifts that we have as empowered Christians? 

My niece has left the Church — what do you suggest I do to help her?

Was Martin Luther the first person to translate the Bible into the vernacular?

Why do some people include anger in the list of seven deadly sins, while some include calumny instead?

Is it improper to have a crucifix on which the Lord’s eyes are open?

Can infallible teachings be reversed?

Can my husband and I be godparents for a Lutheran friend’s child?

I went to a Mega Catholic Church and people were touching and hugging the tabernacle — is this ever allowed?

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