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Q&A Open Forum

Karl Keating answers:

In the Our Father, how do we get the word “daily” from the Greek word for “super substantial”?

If Christ is present everywhere in everything, why is there such an emphasis on the Eucharist in the Catholic Church?

Are there any saints who come out of the Old Testament? 

Since there are many references in Scripture to saints as believers, why does the Catholic Church mostly think of saints as dead people who have been canonized?

My sister-in-law doesn’t believe in purgatory but believes in a second hell — what is the Catholic response to this?

If you someone is martyred, does he become an automatic saint?

Why doesn’t God grant miracles more often? 

Can you describe how free will and divine will differ?

What is the Catholic teaching on Centering Prayer?

Was there any controversy among the Bishops when they decided on the new translation of the Mass?

How do we explain that Jesus’ brothers were cousins, when the Bible says that Mary visited her “cousin” Elizabeth?

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