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Open Forum for Non-Catholics

Steve Ray

Steve Ray answers:

To join the Roman Church in good faith, do I have to believe everything in the Catechism?

Why are the dead popes displayed in the Vatican?

My Catholic friend’s wife is very abusive, and he says that he can’t get divorced because of his religion — how can I help him?

What is the foundation for the belief that Peter was the first pope?

How do I become Catholic as an adult? What will RCIA do for me in my journey to the Church?

Which religions have open dialogue about possibly joining the Catholic Church?

A Pentecostal told me that being a Catholic is a death sentence for getting to heaven — what is his basis for this?

Can only Catholics go to heaven? 

If you believe the Catholic Church is the true Church and you are not a Catholic, are you going to hell?

Orthodox theology seems to focus more on Christ as the creator than Catholic theology– why is this?

I’m interested in the Catholic faith. What do I do to find out more?

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