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Q&A Open Forum

Tim Staples

Tim Staples answers:

The third message of Fatima says that some signs will happen before 2012 and that we need to share this with others — How should Catholics take this?Will you define grace so that I can explain it to my children?

What is the Church’s historical position on slavery?

Can you help me understand the Church’s teaching on spending money on Sunday?

Does baptism remove our inherent sin or the sins that we commit daily?

In the New Roman Missal, why does it say, “forgiveness for many” rather than “forgiveness for all”?

Is Matt 25:31-46 a good apologetics verse for the faith and works issue?

Why do non-Catholics view sainthood as something that belongs to all of us?

Someone told me that Jesus never directly said “I am God” — why then do we believe that he is God? 

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