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Mother Miriam answers:

Today a priest said that God is merciful to us on earth, but not when we meet him in heaven. Can you explain this?

What is the Catholic teaching on Free Masonry?

Why does God insist on so much suffering?

Can I light a candle for my dead son?

When Jesus descended into hell and freed the unjust souls — did that turn into purgatory?

Will we be able to ask for mercy while in purgatory?

My 22-year-old son and his wife converted to the Jehovah’s Witness church, and I have not been able to successfully talk to him about . What can I do?

Will you explain how Free Masonry is satanic? 

A Girl Scout group is involved in my parish. Why does the Church welcome this if they give money to Planned Parenthood?

I have a patient who is interested in the Catholic Church, but hesitant because she is divorced and remarried. How do I encourage her to come to the Church?

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