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The Chaplain Is In

Fr. Vincent Serpa answers:

How can someone who is same-sex attracted say he is a faithful Catholic?

How can I better understand and appreciate the Mass?

Is it permissible for Catholics to practice yoga?

Is there time in purgatory? When should I stop praying for someone to be released from purgatory?

I recently took a course on Youth Ministry, and the facilitator said that you must emphasize the Mass as a meal — is he right?

Can you explain the “third hour” and “ninth hour” from the Gospels?

My mother died a year ago, and I’m terrified that she is in hell – can you offer any thoughts on this? Can the actions of my brother and sisters add to her time in purgatory, if she is there?

Can you offer some guidance on using the sacrament of reconciliation as a tool to resist sin?

Several Catholic charities send me blessed objects in the mail — how do I dispose of them?

Several members of my family are not attending a holiday celebration because of conflict over religion — how should my husband and I approach this?

The new pastor at my parish is limiting Mass intentions to one per Mass — is this canon law?

Is my understanding correct — that we can never know someone’s salvation and that our prayers for the deceased are never wasted?

Would it be sinful to not vaccinate my child?

Do you have to take Communion every day that you want to participate in the November 1-8 indulgence?

How do you discern a call to ministry? 

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