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Open Forum for Non-Catholics (Part II)

Tim Staples

Tim Staples answers:

Our daughter was born through in-vitro. Is this “shunned” in the Catholic Church? If so, why?

What does it mean for Mary to be the Queen of Heaven?

I was told in RCIA that the gates of heaven were closed until Jesus died. How, then, did he talk to Moses and Elijah?

I went camping on holy ground in Capernaum and heard voices. Why would that be? Would the Church teach that this could be a supernatural experience?

How do you explain Mary conceiving Jesus by the Holy Spirit, if it is immoral to conceive a child in an unnatural way?

Does the Church believe that Jews and Muslims are granted heaven based on the Old Covenant?

Does the fact that I was baptized make me Catholic forever? Did my baptism put me in the same state of grace as Mary?

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