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Q&A Open Forum

Jim Blackburn answers:

Why does the Catholic Church deny Communion to divorced people?

What is the apostolic blessing or pardon? What are the priest’s criteria for administering this?

What is Pope Benedict XVI’s current teaching about Jews and the Gospel? Can Jews be saved without using the Gospel of Christ?

What is the Catholic Church’s position on celebrating Halloween?

Are aliens or outer space ever mentioned in the Bible? 

Is anyone who believes in Jesus a Christian?

What is the Church’s position on a marriage between a Catholic and a non-Catholic, if the non-Catholic leaves even though the Catholic tried to make it work?

How is the Catholic Church the one Church, when all other churches make this claim?

I was married to my second wife for 16 years before receiving an annulment and having my marriage blessed. Was I in a state of sin throughout those 16 years? If so, should I go to confession?

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