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Q&A Open Forum

Fr. Joseph Fessio answers:

In Exodus, who commanded the Israelites to kill? How do you reconcile this with the commandment “Do not kill”?

What is a Catholic response to Matthew 16:16-17 and its relation to the fact that some say Jesus never claimed to be God?

Why does it seem like converts are so much happier than cradle Catholics? 

Are we getting carried away with political correctness? Would it have hindered Jesus?

Why do Catholic funerals have to be in a Church? Why do Catholics need to be buried at a Catholic cemetery?

How much responsibility did Aaron have to control the crowd when Moses was on the mountain?

Regarding John’s use of the original Greek word “logos,” should we take its philosophical meaning or take it as the word itself with no deeper meaning?

Are you familiar with the movie Edith Stein? Should it be pulled from Ignatius.com because of nudity?

Is purgatory going to exist after the Second Coming?

Where can I find the names of the most recent people to be beatified and who still need miracles attributed to them to be canonized?

What is your opinion of all the attention that is being paid to the changes in the Mass? Is it as big of a deal as people are making it out to be?

What does the Church say about using birth control for medical purposes and not as a contraceptive?

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