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Q&A Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Jimmy Akin answers:

Why do priests wear black with a white collar?

How do I talk to Protestants who do not believe that free will is our own free will? Doesn’t God already have our lives pre-determined?

Can we decorate for Halloween?

If a Catholic and a non-Catholic are married in the Catholic Church, are they prohibited from having a Mass?

What is the proper way to tithe?

How do we interpret the story of creation?

When my ex-wife and I married, she promised she would become Catholic, but then she didn’t. Am I in a state of mortal sin because I asked for a divorce? Can I get an annulment?

Can a Catholic priest preach in a Protestant parish? What if they remove his Roman collar?

Why don’t SSPX people view Vatican II as honorable to the faith tradition?

Can you clarify what you mean in your article “How to Become a Catholic” when you say that Christians coming into the Church should start participating in the sacrament of reconciliation, and that the reception of candidates should take place on a random Sunday?

Why would God call Jesus’ birth a virgin birth if Mary was married to Joseph?

Will you recommend a good Catholic Bible study?

Where does someone’s soul go if they commit suicide?

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