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Q&A Open Forum

Fr. John Trigilio answers:

What is your opinion of SSPX and their conversations with Rome?

If you don’t need to confess venial sins in confession, why is monthly confession recommended?

When my cousin was passing away, a deacon anointed her instead of a priest – is this valid?

Is it true that we can create our own reality with the way we think?

What is the difference between dogma, doctrine, and canon law?

Are there Catholics who don’t believe in the Real Presence? If so, what happens if they receive Holy Communion?

What do I need to do to enter religious life?

How are all the popes in history “descendants” of Peter?

Why do we call some angels saints? I thought only humans could be saints.

What does “INRI” stand for?

What is the difference between a venial sin and a mortal sin?

Can you explain the sins passed on from parents to their children?

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