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Mother Miriam answers:

Can I ask for the prayers of my aborted child? Can I give him/her a name?

Is there a website I can visit to find a list of approved Marian apparitions?

If Adam and Eve were the first people, how did we get different races?

I have been away from the Church for several years and want to come back – will I be accepted?

I attended a wedding of two Catholics that took place outside the Church – how do I explain that this was wrong without seeming judgmental?

Can you explain the spirit, soul, and body, in relation to 1 Th 5:23?

How do I, as a priest, deal with a fallen away Catholic that I met this summer?

How can I get a priest to visit my brother in prison?

I know that my vocation is motherhood, but I am struggling with finances – what is God telling me?

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