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The Chaplain Is In

Fr. Vincent Serpa answers:

What is the proper response from a priest, when a non-Catholic goes up during Communion to receive a blessing?

Will you talk about 180 (the web movie) and its anti-Catholic producer?

Can you explain the Church’s position on contraception in regard to the reality of our world (especially when it comes to impoverished children)?

A mass in my parish was celebrated by a woman – is this okay, as long as she did not take part in the Consecration?

Is the leader of my faith formation group (a member of the laity) allowed to bless the participants with holy water?

Have I sinned by shopping at a Seventh-day Adventist bookstore?

Can someone who has committed a mortal sin receive Communion if he makes an act of contrition?

What are your thoughts on Dallas Willard?

Is it wrong for a Catholic to smoke marijuana or drink alcohol?

How can I assure my brother, who left the Church for ten years, that he can be forgiven?

What does the Church teach about Medjugorje?

Is it okay to miss Mass on Saturday and Sunday if we have to work?

What is the Church’s teaching on evolution?

How do I respond to someone who says that I only had my marriage convalidated because I felt guilty?

What happens to an aborted child, spiritually speaking?

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