Retailers: Special 2012 Vote Your Faith 50-50 Package!

For a limited time, Catholic Answers is offering this great package to our retail partners. By signing on to this program, you will receive the Starter Kit (see below for details) plus a special discount for restocking these items.

Starter Package:                     $50 ($100 value)

Reorder any title or quantity: 50% off retail!

Bonus! Order now and receive 5 free copies each of our newest booklets on Hot Topics- Straight Talk about Abortion and Why Homosexual Unions are Not Marriages.

Starter Package includes:

2 copies! Five Non Negotiables – The Catholic Church’s Teaching on Abortion, Euthanasia, Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Human Cloning, & Same Sex "Marriage”
Our best-selling CD set by Tim Staples. (retail value- $14.95 ea)
2 copies! Good Bye Religious Liberty? How the Attacks on Marriage are Threatening Your Religious Freedom
3 CD set by top public interest attorney & speaker Charles LiMandri. (retail value- $19.95 ea)
2 copies! Male & Female He Made Them – Questions & Answers About Marriage & Same-Sex Unions
Timely & easy to read Q & A style reference book by Mary Jo Anderson & Dr. Robin Bernhoft. 140 pages (retail value- $ 12.95 ea)
10 copies! Voter’s Guide for Serious Catholics (also available in Spanish)
Our best-selling booklet that strengthens the conscience and explains the Church’s stand on the hot-button issues of the day. 16 pages (retail value .40 ea)
FREE! DVD of Catholic Answers Live Radio Interview on the Five Non Negotiables with Tim Staples, Director of Apologetics fielding live caller questions. Great for in-store DVD players or use as a promotional tool!
FREE! Display Poster - 18x 24 high quality full color! Great for store use!

Over $100 value for only $50!

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