Why Our Belief In The Real Presence Matters More Than Ever

We will explore evidence for the Real Presence in scripture and the writings of early Christians as well as refute common challenges to the Eucharist brought by non-Catholics.  We will consider these questions:

•         Is the Eucharist foreshadowed in the Old Testament?
•         Where is the Real Presence evidenced in the New Testament?
•         What did the Church Fathers say about it?
•         How do I explain transubstantiation?
•         Didn't Paul condemn tabernacles?
•         Why must we eat Jesus?
•         Are Catholics cannibals?
•         Must I partake of both the body and the blood?
•         Is communion in the hand okay?
•         And more!

Jim Blackburn is a cradle Catholic who was born and raised in Illinois. After graduating from Southern Illinois University, Jim ran his own brokerage firm for twelve years. During that time, he studied Catholicism and other faiths,...