Vatican II: What Really Happened?

We will examine the foundation for ecumenical councils, explore a brief history of the councils leading up to Vatican II, and then delve into council teaching and post-conciliar controversies.  We will consider these topics:

•         Why did we need Vatican II?
•         What is Ecumenism?
•         Did Church teaching change at Vatican II?
•         What about “Outside the Church there is no salvation”?
•         Are the popes since John XXIII really valid popes?
•         Were the post-conciliar changes to the Mass licit?
•         Should I follow my conscience or Church teaching?
•         What is moral relativism?

Jim Blackburn is a Catholic Apologist, Author, and Speaker. He holds a Masters Degree in Theology from John Paul the Great Catholic University and is the author of several books including 101 Quick Questions With Catholic Answers: Marriage,...