The Faith: Common Objections With Concise Answers

We will address many of the most common challenges to the faith faced by Catholics today, including these intriguing topics:

•         How can one God be three persons?
•         How could Mary be a perpetual virgin when the bible tells us
           Jesus had brothers?
•         Do Catholics worship Mary?
•         Why do Catholics pray to saints?
•         Are works necessary for salvation?
•         What's wrong with "once saved, always saved" like Saddleback
           Church teaches?
•         Does the Church really teach that there is no salvation outside the
           Catholic Church?
•         Why does the Church teach about purgatory when the word is not
           mentioned in the bible?
•         What are indulgences?
•         Why should I be a Catholic after the priest abuse scandal?
•         And more!

Jim Blackburn is a cradle Catholic who was born and raised in Illinois. After graduating from Southern Illinois University, Jim ran his own brokerage firm for twelve years. During that time, he studied Catholicism and other faiths,...