Moral Issues: Abortion; Homosexuality; Contraception

We will address Church teaching on today’s three hottest moral topics and consider these controversial questions:

•         Is abortion murder?
•         What about in the case of rape or incest?
•         What if the mother's life is in danger?
•         What does the bible really teach about homosexuality?
•         Why would God make gays and lesbians if homosexuality is
•         How should I treat a gay or lesbian friend or relative?
•         Should I attend a gay wedding?
•         Why is contraception immoral?
•         Must I follow the Church's teaching on birth control?
•         Did Pope Benedict say condoms are okay in some cases?
•         And more!

Jim Blackburn is a cradle Catholic who was born and raised in Illinois. After graduating from Southern Illinois University, Jim ran his own brokerage firm for twelve years. During that time, he studied Catholicism and other faiths,...