Moral Issues: Abortion; Homosexuality; Contraception

We will address Church teaching on today’s three hottest moral topics and consider these controversial questions:

•         Is abortion murder?
•         What about in the case of rape or incest?
•         What if the mother's life is in danger?
•         What does the bible really teach about homosexuality?
•         Why would God make gays and lesbians if homosexuality is
•         How should I treat a gay or lesbian friend or relative?
•         Should I attend a gay wedding?
•         Why is contraception immoral?
•         Must I follow the Church's teaching on birth control?
•         Did Pope Benedict say condoms are okay in some cases?
•         And more!

Jim Blackburn is a Catholic Apologist, Author, and Speaker. He holds a Masters Degree in Theology from John Paul the Great Catholic University and is the author of several books including 101 Quick Questions With Catholic Answers: Marriage,...