Catholic Answers To Common Objections

In this talk, Tim will run the gamut on the most common questions from our Protestant brothers and sisters. “Why do you call priests father in view of Matthew 23:9?” “Why do you have statues in your churches in view of the first commandment?” “Why do you pray to the dead in view of Deuteronomy 18:10, which condemns communication with the dead?” “Why go to a man to be forgiven of sins, when God alone forgives sins in Isaiah 43:25?” “Why submit to the authority of men instead of God in view of I John 2:27?” These and other questions will be addressed in this presentation on basic biblical apologetics.

**Questions can be tailored to specific needs.**

Tim Staples is Director of Apologetics and Evangelization here at Catholic Answers, but he was not always Catholic. Tim was raised a Southern Baptist. Although he fell away from the faith of his childhood, Tim came back to faith in Christ during...