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Thomas Strobhar

pornography, religious bigotry, fetal tissue research, abortifacient drugs, corporate donations to Planned ...


What was the Index of Forbidden Books, and is it OK to read those books now?

from heretical treatises to pornography. After Vatican Council II a specific list of books was dropped ...

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Monica Breaux

addiction, pornography, and homosexuality has been shared with Bishop Olmsted’s Presbyteral Council, the AZ ...


Parenting the Porn Generation

For the past several years I have worked with those affected by pornography. Allow me, then, from my experience, to offer ... parenting, pornography) ...


A Little Censorship Can Be a Good Thing

pornography) ...


Did God create evils to punish or test us?

A friend of mine believes that God created everything—including things like diseases in order to punish us and things like pornography in order to test us. How do I respond? God doesn’t do evil to anyone. Those things spoken ...

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The Man Talk

deal of energy to combating the plague of pornography and the devastating effect it has on men . . . ... Fradd’s ministry meets a critical need in the Church today. Pornography is a silent killer. It viciously ... and healing, and he offers concrete, practical advice on ways to break out of pornography’s stronghold. Matt ...


C. S. Lewis on Lust, Women, and Masturbation

Here are three beautifully worded, eye-opening quotes from C. S. Lewis on lust, women, and masturbation. I offer them in my seminars on pornography and wanted to share them with you. Lust “Lust is a poor, weak, ...


Oh, Chastity Is Too Hard? Man Up!

“There is a way which seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death” (Prov. 14:12). Pornography, masturbation, adultery, fornication, etc. may seem right, but they bring unhappiness in this life and, if one dies ...


The Most Pro-Life Thing You Can Do

of the international pornography trade and the untold number of marriages it has destroyed. Paul VI also warned ...