Why Don't You Go to Mass?

Monday, Oct 21, 2013 - 6pm ET

Because I guess I just don’t see the differences between Catholicism and other Christian faiths.

I want to be part of the Church but because I am gay I feel like I am being pushed out or am not wanted.

Because Jesus never answered my prayers as a child. Also, while in a Catholic high school one of the students was molested and the students were not allowed to speak about it. I feel let down by Catholic Church.

Because the Church’s annulment process is so prying and difficult, and my husband (who needs the annulment from a former marriage) became too discouraged to continue. Now I cannot receive communion and I miss that but I can’t see how my lifestyle can reconcile with the Church’s seemingly harsh policies.

Because of the molesters and the entire culture of protecting the molesters.

Because of the lack of passion among the priests. I went to Presbyterian Church and found more passion among them.