Why Don't You Go to Mass?

Friday, Sep 6, 2013 - 6pm ET

I stopped going to Mass and once I went to college I took philosophy and science and realized that these better answer the questions of the universe.

I have been trying to find a church in my area where there is no singing. I have aspergers and the music drives me crazy.

I have concerns with the Eucharist.

I was born and raised Catholic and when I was 33 I started learning about the Catholic Church, because there is not a real conveying of what it believes.

I do not want to drink from the same cup as other people.

I chose to make excuses.

I don't think the bible is the word of God. So many Catholics and Christians have so many variations of beliefs on what the bible is saying and I can’t ascribe to a church that doesn't even agree on what the book most fundamental to the faith says.

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