True Love: How will I Know?

Friday, May 30, 2008 - 7pm ET

Patty Schneier is a housewife and mother of three from the Archdiocese of St. Louis.  She and her husband Larry are active members of St. Ferdinand Parish, where Patty is a cantor at Sunday Mass.  Since October, 2003, Patty has been speaking at parishes and Catholic Conferences across the United States, sharing her personal testimony "Prove It, God!". . . And He Did.  Using song, scripture, and writings from her journal, Patty shares the story of her challenge to God and His daily response.  The results were life changing!  Her conversion marks the beginning of a totally new life in Christ, a renewed marriage, and a ministry in public speaking.  With additional talks written specifically for teens, parents, and priests, she gives witness to the beauty of the Church’s teachings and her love of the Catholic Faith.

Patty has been a guest on various Catholic Radio shows, including Covenant Network, Ave Maria Radio and Catholic Answers Live.  She has been featured in Family Foundations Magazine, and her work is available through One More Soul.  Patty is host of the radio show, Ask the Archbishop, heard on Covenant Network with Archbishop Raymond Burke.

The Salvation Controversy
The Salvation Controversy is a serious work by a serious and supremely-gifted defender of the faith on a topic of central concern for everyone. If it elicits the response it deserves, then all of us, whatever our confessional commitments, will at least be clearer about what really does divide us. And what does not.