Tom Nash

Tuesday, Aug 12, 2014 - 7pm ET

Tom Nash is a Theology Advisor for the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), reviewing programs produced outside the Network to help ensure that they conform with Church teaching and otherwise fulfill the mission of the Network.  Tom appears on the Network weekly, presenting “EWTN Newslinks,” and periodically as a panelist on “EWTN Theology Roundtable".  He is also a co-host of the EWTN series, “The Biblical Story of the Mass.”  

Tom is the author of Worthy is the Lamb: The Biblical Roots of the Mass (Ignatius Press) and a co-author of Catholic for a Reason III: Scripture and the Mystery of the Mass (Emmaus Road Publishing). Prior to joining EWTN in 2007, Tom served the Church for many years at Catholics United for the Faith (CUF), including as a Senior Information Specialist.

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