The New Age Deception

Wednesday, Jan 29, 2014 - 6pm ET

What are your thoughts are the Urantia book?

I am curious about Reiki and why it is not acceptable for Catholics.

How do you talk to people who do yoga for back issues or the fitness aspect? I have people in my bible study group, they don’t believe in other gods and just do it for fitness. How do I approach them and explain why it is wrong?

I have been given a book called, The Power. I am not knowledgeable of new age material. I am curious what your thoughts are. I had a bad feeling about it and threw it away. Am I overreacting?

I have taken yoga and only experienced the breathing and stretching benefits. Most instructors take a couple classes and then start teaching. I don’t think what was stated earlier rings true.

Oprah: Televangelist Of The New Age Deception
Oprah: Televangelist Of The New Age Deception is a fascinating 3-hour interview with Sharon Lee Giganti – a former New Age teacher who went through a dramatic realization that the ideas and the principles of the New Age Movement can have deadly consequences in people’s lives.