The Chaplain Is In

Wednesday, Nov 20, 2013 - 6pm ET

The Canticle of Mary predicts some things (the rich will be sent away empty) but I don’t see these things happening. Are they happening?

How do I talk to children about grandparents who are not married but live with each other?

My parish is having a concert with our orchestra and the LDS choir. Am I right in thinking this is inappropriate since they will be on the altar?

Do you think we are near Armageddon?

Why doesn’t the Catholic Church talk about sin anymore? I was at a baptism recently and it seemed like it was just a cultural rite of passage, not a sacrament that takes away original sin.

How can I make a better confession?

I’m 54 and my husband suddenly passed away in August. In the future can I get married again, even though I’m past the age of having children?

Shouldn’t we just try to be more like Jesus rather than doing a bunch of ceremonies?

I work in a hair salon with a bunch people who identify as homosexuals. I witness to them gently, but my family says I’m not being direct enough with my co-workers. What should I do?

At Thanksgiving I have to go to my sister-in-law’s girlfriend’s house. How should I handle this situation?

I’m a car salesman and I struggle with looking at people as sources of money instead of people. How can I fight this?

I was married when I was 20, about a year later my wife left me. I married again when I was 24 and we have five kids. Since then I have come to believe in the Catholic Church and want to become Catholic. But I am afraid that my irregular marriage situation will prevent me from entering the Church. What should I do?

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