The Chaplain Is In

Wednesday, Aug 21, 2013 - 6pm ET

What are some common atheist arguments for why God can’t exist and how can I counter them?

If the child at Fatima was going to spend so much time in purgatory, how can we have any hope when the world is so crummy?

My father is Muslim, my mother is Catholic. I am Catholic. I am having a hard time getting along with my Father because I love Jesus and he gives me a hard time. How can I honor my father when this is going on?

I’m going to my nephew’s funeral and there is a lot of tension between family members. My brother hates me. I find myself angry and frustrated. How can I be a better Christian in this situation?

Fr. Vincent, on the forums you said that “Oh my God” isn’t a profanity. Can you clarify this?

My brother is not married to the woman he is living with. She was recently received into the Church. She makes vicious remarks to me about my faith and my chaste lifestyle. I have to see her in two weeks. How can I handle this?

How can I encourage my friend to get going to Mass again?

What should someone do if he struggles with the shame of a sin even after he confessed it?

My husband and I are both Catholic, but he started going to an “independent” Catholic Church that only does the Latin Mass. Is it okay that he is going to this?

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