The Chaplain Is In

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - 6pm ET

Fr. Serpa answers:

As a Eucharistic minister, am I allowed to take the Eucharist home with me before I take it to the sick?

How can I heal my past to have a better relationship with God and others?

How can one apply the teachings from the Sermon on the Mount?

How can I bring my step-father back to the church?

How can I grow to trust in God’s love and not despair?

I got divorced and I remarried. Will I go to hell because of this?

Can we offer up the pain that others endure for the souls in purgatory?

I am struggling staying true to my faith and speaking about it in my corporate work environment. How do I deal with this?

As I recently became a parent, are there any prayer rituals we can do as a family?

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